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Martina Rueping
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Mitteldeutsche Zeitung 
Lieder about the great muse Alma Mahler
"Martina Rüping chanced an empathetic look behind the façade of "one of the most beautiful girls in Vienna" - using her multi-faceted voice to portray Alma Mahler´s constant mood swings, which oscillated between warm love and cool detachment. Zemlinsky´s and Gustav Mahler´s Lieder were also in perfect harmony with Anna Mahler´s psyche. With soulful lightness, the vocalist released her audience from an evening that will continue to resonate with its beguiling after-effects for a long time ..."  (Meike Knoche)
Die Presse 
Haydn Days in Eisenstadt
"...the next day, Michael Schneider and his ensemble La Stagione Frankfurt presented an entertaining medley from Haydn´s first opera "Acide" - fragmentary to the present day - and from H?ndel's Italian serenata "Aci, Galatea e Polifemo". Martina Rüping´s splendidly scintillating soprano was the great surprise in this context..."  (Dr. Gerhard Kramer)
Der Standard 
Händel´s Song of Death
"...the star of the vocal ensemble was arguable the soprano Martina Rüping.
In Händel´s song of death "Verso gia l'alma", her clear timbre culminated in a pianissimo essence - supported by the entire ensemble in exemplary fashion."  (Robert Spoula)
Eisenstadt, Esterhazy Castle
"...Extracts from Joseph Haydn´s "Acide" followed - with good vocalist performances: Martina Rüpingcs radiant soprano confidently deals with the high notes, blossoming over and over. Her creation of melodic bows is highly convincing and full of expression. And with regard to penetrating power, there is also nothing left to be desired."  (Oliver A. Lang)
Der Tagesspiegel 
Michael Schneider conducts Vivaldi´s "Laudate Pueri"
Michael Schneider conducts Vivaldi's "Laudate Pueri". Breakneck runs, scales and trills - Vivaldi demands no less from the interpreter of his "Laudate Pueri" - cantata: Martina Rüping sings the bel canto praising the Lord with a jubilant, wonderfully scintillating soprano that would do any Botticelli Angel honour. (Frederik Hanssen)
Corriere della Sera 
Elzeviro Scala: Orff diretto da Muti
"...Martina Rüping riduce la voce a un soffio dolcissimo prima del possente inno a Biancofiore e Venere, rendendo il Maestro l´orchestra una ragnatela scilliante nel buio." (Paolo Isotta)
Süddeutsche Zeitung 
The radio orchestra plays Pfitzner´s "Christelflein"
"...The music of the performance is of a high standard indeed. Particularly convincing were Marlis Petersen and Martina Rüping as Elflein (Little Elf) and Christkindchen (Baby Jesus)." (Reinhard Schulz)
Badische Neueste Nachrichten 
Muti´s "Carmina Burana" at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden
"... yet the most remarkable about this performance at the Festspielhaus for once were not the tumultuous explosions of choir and orchestra, but the tender ardency of the "Liebeshof". Muti allowed it to culminate in the "Dulcissime" sung by Martina Rüping - guided along by the conductor - and her miraculously magical soprano solo." (Rolf Fath)
Der Tagesspiegel 
The sound of angels falling in love
"... Martina Rüping's infinitely tender, sweetly sighing tones allow Gilda's feelings to blossom so convincingly that nobody is able to withdraw. The audience sees the transformation of this teenager - alternating between fear and curiosity - into an infinitely loving woman. She whispers the name of the stranger as gracefully as she writes it into the air, she forms every note as devotedly as she smoothes the blanket that he has just wrapped around her shoulders. This is what it sounds like when angels are falling in love." (Frederik Hanssen)
Opera Glasses 
"... Martina Rüping masters the tricky coloraturas in "Caro nome" - the name that she writes into the air a number of times during the aria - with flying colours." ( T. Kade)
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung
The opera house celebrates a well-deserved triumph with "Imeneo"
" her part as Clomiri, Martina Rüping wore a skimpy pink dress and black horn-rimmed glasses. Yet her immaculate, moving soprano ensured that there was nothing cute about this tragic figure." (Johannes Killyen)
Fränkische Nachrichten
Great success of La Stagione Frankfurt at the Mozart Festival in Würzburg
The soloist of the evening, Martina Rüping, also deserves our admiration. With the arias "Parto, m´affretto" and "Se il crudel periglio" from Lucio Silla (K 135), she very successfully revived the vocal virtuosity of the 18th century. With soft energy and a confident high register, Rüping shaped great opera - full of expression and dramatic depth..."

Martina Rueping